Getting packed up for the road trip

I’ve been experimenting with what gear to take, and how to pack it on the bike for this road trip for the last month or so. Being a backpacker for the last 30+ years helped a lot, I already had most of the gear, and am familiar with packing light. But now I don’t need to carry it all up a mountain on my back, the bike can take that burden, so I’ve allowed myself a few extra luxuries.

So there it is all laid out. Believe it or not, all of it fits on the bike and there’s even room for me too! I should really weigh it at a truck weigh station when I have time.

All packed and ready to go. First stop is somewhere in Montana. I’m using a trip planner website called Furkot to roughly plan out where I will need fuel stops, and where some campgrounds are along my route. It’s turned out to be pretty handy.


  1. OK I have to admit that looking at it all on the ground, it does not look like it would fit on the bike. What camera are you using your phone or DSLR?

    You would be amazed at what we pack in the car for our road trips 🙂

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